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Welcome to Saint John's!

As our vision and mission statements make clear, our school is a co-educational, non-selective, lay, international institution. It is important to clarify exactly what these statements mean.

We believe that all schools should try to reflect the world - not just the town or the country - in which we live. As the world is undeniably lay, as it consists of both female and male, as it contains a vast wealth of diversity and variety, thus so does our school. We do not discriminate against religion, gender, sexuality, nationality or any other characteristic. Diversity is not something we merely "tolerate"; it is something we embrace as an institution, constantly searching for ways to make our community more diverse, more open and more pluralistic. As a school in the regions of Chile, this presents great challenges for us as a community but these are challenges which we all embrace & pursue with enthusiasm, openness and determination. 

Saint John's was founded in 1942 during World War II and is well into its eighth decade as Concepcion's premier school. We have long traditions encompassing both our British and Chilean origins: the house system; prefects; our passion for rugby and hockey. However, as the pace of change accelerates exponentially in our modern world, we are also faced with the challenge of continuing to evolve and to keep pace with developments in the outside world. In Saint John’s, we embrace change. We are one of the 80 Microsoft Showcase Schools in the world. We have competed in the World Championships of Robotics for the last two years in a row. We continue to challenge ourselves academically & pedagogically, embracing constructivism and differentiated learning, expanding technology in the classroom, adopting all three IB programmes (one of fewer than 250 schools in the world to do so).

However, as we move forward into the future with our open-minded, risk-taking students, teachers and parents, we also look to our origins in the past. While technology, economy and the environment continue to evolve rapidly, we look to our values as the anchor of our school community. These are the things which do not change. These are the things which help make us who we are. As I see the calibre of person graduating from our school at 18 years old and as I see the development of my own three children here, I feel extremely optimistic about our collective future.

Saint John’s will never stop changing and evolving; Saint John’s will always remain the same.

James Coulson